SCRACE ARCHITECTS are launching a competition

As we break from the monotony of lockdown SCRACE ARCHITECTS are launching a competition to encourage you to “frame a view” and look ahead to a new world beyond. 

It is safe to say that we are all in need of a fresh outlook as we work our way through this crisis.  Staring out of our own little boxes has become a favourite pastime helps us connect the world outside.  This is not a new concept, but has become more relevant since we have all been stuck indoors or in our own space.  A view enables us all to think beyond the limits of our homes to the wider world. 

To help us begin to think again about what is over the horizon we would like to challenge you and your families to take a photo or to draw your favourite view from your home, home office or shed. 

Don’t be afraid to abstract and present your image in whichever way you like and using any media that you may choose.  When we are designing buildings, sculptures or spaces we try to imagine what you might see from a particular perspective. For example, the montage above is a combination of a painting and the view from a real project.  In our practice we paint to see and shape space differently. There are prizes too.

Over the next month we will be offering tips on how to approach your designs, sharing photos and ideas via twitter and Instagram @timscrace and via a podcast.  Our blog also has an article on about how to FRAME A VIEW.  Please FOLLOW US on social media and share your pictures by using #frameaview #scracearchitects @scrace_arch.  

Looking forward to a better and greener future together.  Happy snapping and stay safe!


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