60 Minutes - FREE to members

We are delighted to be offering a programme of business support breakfast workshops that will be FREE to our members. The workshops are held at The Enterprise Network in Salt Lane.

Each "60 Minutes" event commence at 09.30 and has been adapted to an Interactive Zoom meeting due to the COVID-19 pardemic. Please register by clicking on the link. 

The upcoming events are available to book.

2020 dates for your dairies 

30th June - James Humphries of Light My Space is going to be sharing his knowledde about lighting. He will cover why lighting is important for health and wellbeing and will also explin how you can look good when using zoom.If you missed the meeting you can view the presentation by clicking this link  

4th August - Richard Gigg is an experienced coach and mentor whose passion is in growing the commercial and cultural prosperity in the region. Up until recently he led the Shirlaws team in Hampshire. Through his 6P business he helps business owners navigate their way through the business landscape.  Richard will identify five things you can do to re-energise yourself, your staff and your profits. Click here to listern to the recording 

15th September - Richard Knight  - the customer experience bloke from insight6 - will be providing insight into team and customer confidence data and providing 6 top tips for increasing confidence levels, customer experience ultimately revenue 

6th October  - How to get redundancy right for both the employees and the employer with Keith Hanson and David Coward, it's a difficult subject but could be very expensive if you get it wrong.    

20th October - Lara Morgan - master classes. A sequence of social distanced Covid-19 safe events at St Thomas's Chruch, in a large open space, where Lara will walk you through the steps of how to develope an idea about a business into a business. Lara will talk about setting up a business, getting finding for a business, growning a business, manageing a business sucessfully and then how to sucessfully exit your business click the link to register

27th October - Chris Thompson of TechB and IT Shack asks if you know what you are missing when working from home? Click here to watch the powerpoint presentation  

10th November - Brad Wright - Action Coach Salisbury, have you got a strong plan to fininsh the year? The biggest mistake is to do nothing. Click here to register 

17th November - Darren Coats - Wessex Fleet


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