Salisbury Schools challenge 2019/2020

Tomorrow’s World........and future generations 

The second Salisbury Schools Challenge ‘Our City’ 20/20 Vision has brought a range of ideas and projects from students and a number are already making an impact and have real funding potential. It’s important that young people continue to have a platform and that their voice and ideas are heard and acted upon in the city and beyond.

The New Challenge – 2019/20

For 2019/20, we are again looking for ideas that give all visitors to Salisbury the best possible experience and improve life for residents. It’s important, too, that what we are trying to achieve in Salisbury can set a positive example and help improve the city’s image across the country ...and globally.

We should like to focus, therefore, on a range of questions affecting how we plan for the future in Salisbury and more widely and the legacy to be left for future generations.

1.   Climate Change and the Environment

  • How are we preparing Salisbury, and more widely, for future generations?
  • Can we really change what we are doing to the climate and our environment?
  • Can we make a statement in Salisbury with what we are doing? What would you do?
  • What can we do in Salisbury to improve our health and well-being?

Are there business opportunities as we address environmental concerns? What might they be?

 2.   Salisbury – The Friendly City

  • We think we are friendly and welcoming to tourists. Could  we do more? What could that be?
  • Do you live, work or go to school in a safe and friendly city? What would help improve things?
  • Are we a safe and welcoming place for the elderly and those with disabilities whether residents or visitors? For example are we dementia friendly?
  • What other ideas do you have to make Salisbury a safe and friendly city?


Are there business opportunities to be developed as we create this friendly city? What might they be?

 3.   Future Citizens 

  • Too many young people say they will leave Salisbury after finishing their education. Leisure, retail and transport facilities for young people brought a lot of comments last time. We’d like to hear more
  • What really can be done to make Salisbury more interesting for young people?
  • There’s no magic wand to bring Lush, KFC or others to the city centre, but how can we create an environment to maybe make it happen?
  • What would bring more young people into the city and make them stay after formal education? How can they have a better voice in decision making?

Are there business opportunities here also with young people as the target market?

Timescales and Format

Students will have a minimum of two terms to undertake the Challenge but we shall consult with schools about the overall timescales and look to shorten the period between judging and final awards ceremony.

It is likely that we shall retain the three categories: Key Stages 3, 4 and Sixth Form/A level.

Student activities can include online research, interviews with selected people, survey work either online or through interviews in the city centre etc. We expect a good mix of text, photos, plans, even video – and whatever creative ideas the students agree on!

Whatever ideas teams have, they should look at how achievable they are in both the short and longer term. There should be some evidence of costing – however approximate. Teams should also look at possible sources of funding and potential barriers to success.


For more infomrtion call Peter Thompson on 07850754066 or email 

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