A message from the President of Salisbury and District Chamber of commerce and Industry.

I am delighted to confirm that the Department for Transport are prepared to listen and have requested a cost/benefit analysis and survey giving evidence of the problems we suffer in Salisbury and what impact it has on businesses/Tourism/Health and Wellbeing etc.

To this end, the Chamber, with the backing of Salisbury Bid and Jeremy Nettles (Leader of Salisbury City Council) have put together a very simple quick survey that will give the detail the DFT require and hopefully create a sound case for a Salisbury Bypass to be considered in the next round of bids for the Road Infrastructure Schemes (RIS Futures).

It is really important that every business that is impacted by our road network completes this survey as this is an opportunity that may not occur again for a long time.

This is a reminder of the current average impact daily. Red lorries represent volume of turnover impacted.

Please therefore can I ask you to fill in the survey for your business and share this with any of your suppliers/customers as soon as possible.

Here is the Salisbury Journal article about the opportunity we have set up.   and a link to the survey is here SURVEY

Kind regards,

Andy Rhind-Tutt

President, Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry




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